Off to Mekong Delta in a few days

If you been reading along here you will maybe remember I celebrated some ancient birthday with my wonderful friends in southern Vietnam. I go down to Can Tho every so often to see my Lily there and enjoy time. Can Tho is a lot different than Hanoi. A smaller city right next to a river with wonderful side streets to wander, friendly coffee shops and restaurants, and of course my Lily!

I fly out on Monday. It takes two hours from Hanoi to get there and then about 20 minutes in a taxi to my hotel there. I will stay again at a nice boutique hotel that costs more because I’m spoiled and I like comfort.

Because of changes in her schedule, I will not see her until Wednesday night. All good! Wandering, eating, and drinking in Can Tho does me well. Thursday we will brunch somewhere. Perhaps at the hotel or the Lighthouse restaurant.

Traveling by air here is not too different. There are rules to follow. One must do an online health declaration which asks where you are going, how you get there, how long, etc. Face masks are required in all airports and flights. Face masks have never been a deal in Asia. People wore them long before COVID-19. I have a box of them from a pharmacy here.

Then I come back to Hanoi. My friend Tu here told me to go again. He suggests Hoi An. I’ve tried twice to go and have been defeated because of the virus. If I go in April I will stay in Da Nang a few days too.

to stay how long

That’s an interesting question. I don’t know. Friends in Cambodia want me to live there awhile in Siem Reap. Friends in the US asked me on Facebook to come back and visit. I stopped planning or writing anything at all to people about leaving. It’s just safer here. I do think Christmas in the states could be nice. I could see my ex wife and kids. My daughter lives in California now with her mom. So maybe. Who knows.

Friends here have asked me repeatedly to not leave because of covid.

now I do Highlands Coffee

I relocated since I started the post. Ended at highlands coffee which is kinda like Starbucks but cheaper. I can get a coffee and banh mi sandwich for about 70k VND. That’s about $3 USD. So expensive!

Celebrate with the old retired guy!

March 11, 2021