December 2022 updates

Here we go! Feeling energetic and it is the 1st of December so why not edit the page. This month is gonna be interesting and split between Siem Reap, Phnom Penh for a week and then leaving for Vietnam late in the month. I decided to go to Phnom Penh just because. This time I ride a minivan service from Siem Reap there which takes about 5 hours. Then I come back some days later.

Siem Reap has become my home which is a nice feeling. It just feels like the place I will spend more time but there is more than that to it I feel. I’ve rarely found a home wandering around. The last time was in Hanoi Vietnam for almost two years. Mexico never did seem like home to me although I enjoyed all the things I got to do there. I sometimes miss Merida Mexico for all it offers.

As I mentioned later this month it is Vietnam for almost a month. I am particularly excited and somewhat unnerved going there. It has been over a year since living there and I have these people connections which have lasted. December and January seemed like a good time to go because Lunar New Years falls in January and Vietnam celebrates the holiday in a big way.

Finally there is the day to day of life in Cambodia which really has made me appreciate being here, being able to live here as I want, have a decent retirement visa, and enjoy the warm and wonderful people.

Take care all. I’m sure I’ll be blogging Phnom Penh and my stuff on almost daily life in Siem Reap. Then Vietnam. Yeah. I’m excited.