January 2023

The new year finds me having fun, eating, drinking, and visiting old friends in Hanoi Vietnam. I arrived here on 30 December. Have been able to see a few friends both Vietnamese and American here. No real plans besides to go to my friend Van’s house for dinner, enjoy walking around Hanoi, and finding new and old places. Hanoi is always an adventure to me and part of it is walking the city.

I have three weeks plus to just live day by day here and do as I please. It means coffee at the lake in the mornings, enjoying the beautiful weather now we are having, and just going with what it is I want to do.

I leave Vietnam on 25 January to go back home to Siem Reap Cambodia. It’s both a sad and happy time for me. I have friends and family here. Most I got to see but some did not because of the holidays. I also have that special someone who wants me back in Cambodia. She has made my times back in Cambodia very memorable and fun.

I spent a month in Vietnam and just got back home so these are the last words as January fades away. Had a great time in Vietnam. I felt like it would be different returning after almost 2 years being gone. Like it would all be different. Nothing was. People remembered me Now from Then. People at restaurants, coffee shops, stores I had been to. Nothing like when I get back on my little neighborhood here. Everyone is very welcoming on our street in Siem Reap. It is a microcosm of just how friendly Cambodia is.

Will be back when February rolls around.