News about international travel and some Vietnam travel fun

The world is opening a bit here in Asia. Singapore has announced effective 8 October visitors from a few different countries including Vietnam can visit after satisfying prerequisites including a registration card online, a covid test upon landing with isolation until the results are given, and completing a health declaration form online. The important note here it is not your passport country of issuance but the country you have lived in. In the case of Vietnam they require at least two weeks of Vietnam residence prior to going. Once there you get the regular length of visit. For US passport holders that’s 90 days with no visa and free entry.

Thailand seems to be opening for tourism end of October. Malaysia has pushed back the date to end of the year. I have not heard about Cambodia or Laos.

I think this signals the new normal for travel in Asia. Countries that have managed covid well will have travel extended to neighboring countries not based on the passport country of issuance but residence. Then I believe one must get the paperwork and testing done. It should be noted Vietnam has not announced the opening of their borders. They have started a variety of outward bound international flights on Vietnamese air carriers like Vietjet, Vietnam Airlines, and others.

Vietnam travel fun

Over the next two weeks I will get to a few destinations here like Hue, Quy Nhon, Saigon, and Can Tho. Most of the travel is by air but I will take a so-called luxury limo to Can Tho. That trip takes 4 hours and usually there is a dinner stop along the way. Coming back to Hanoi I will fly.

I had planned the trip to Hue some months ago. The follow up trips were just my desire to do things I enjoy but mostly to see some people here in Vietnam that are special to me. Quy Nhon particularly is unique. I have not been there before and I so look forward to getting there in a week or so.

Someone asked before about domestic flights. There is no difference and most are very busy. It’s often the case I am the only expat on the flight. All staff speak very good English. One must wear a face mask the entire time of the flight. That’s not very difficult. Face masks have been routine in Asia for years. For me, I bought a box of them at a pharmacy months ago. I wear one at airports, on flights, in grab cars, and most of the time out walking. I’m used to them. It’s gonna be fun to travel within Vietnam over the next few weeks. Seeing some special people in all the destinations.

By the way I don’t do much in the way of political posting. So the recent news about the election, trump and wife being tested covid positive, and the spectacle of the whole election thing I don’t surface here at all. I think about it every so often. I don’t miss any of it. A Vietnamese person recently asked,

What do you miss the most about the US?

I miss my daughter on occasion. I don’t miss much else. The US has nothing for me and I left nothing behind I have to go back to get. I disliked it there for decades. I just had to wait to retire to leave.

October 2, 2020