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New and almost new on the blog

Before I deleted things, I had set up this photo category but what I wished was for the photos to live separately in a filtered view but include them as a navigational menu item. Now whenever I tag a blog post as photography, they appear in the photos navigation which also lets me create little snippets of stories or other stuff. I just implemented the page again with one of my favorite photos of all time since being here. Here’s the page and the stories commence. Coolness yet again!

Inviting you to check out the new and almost new on the blog. It is really a lazy pursuit and Blot invites laziness. Thanks to David at Blot for always helping us with our desires and endeavors to make Blot our own. There’s nothing like it for creating words that bounce crazily around on a blog.

Some people feel some need for multiple blogs. I never understood this. It just seems to dilute the message to me and I don’t really want to decide which thing goes where. It all is grist for this mill. Everything goes here. IA Writer does all the heavy lifting along with Dropbox. Simplicity. I also embed the photos which means no photo uploading or sucking up the basic plan on my cloud storage.

April 15, 2023