My place

There’s as many meditation practices as people that do them. You don’t need special secret sauce or influencers or professionals. I like Jeff Warren’s practice. Nothing excluded. Simple. Many believe the hunt for techniques must needs involve special seating, music, bells, chanting. No. None of them. I just need my place. My place is sitting up right but comfortable. Taking a few deep breaths. I picked a focus point or home base today which is the entire city out of my window. Cool breezes, city sounds. Voices. Horns honking. Then there’s the peace in my room. A wondrous combination. You don’t need even this. It’s something I picked this time. Finding equanimity. Finding nothing is needed or wanted or to be changed at this moment.

It’s me, my home base and Hanoi. It’s my place. No special ingredients or whispered words. No special conditions.

My place. Always there for me.

March 26, 2021