My Days Wind Down, Creation and Cells

My days in Taiwan are winding down. Two months here and it’s been wonderful. I go back to Taipei soon and bum around for two days there. Maybe go to the zoo. No matter what on 18 December I will leave here for Philippines. Taiwan is a very civilized and safe place. No scams or tourists or backpackers since Taipei. I did meet Anna a few days ago. She is an expatriate from France writing a book. We talked awhile and it was easy to see she was a free spirit herself looking for places to spend time and get this book done.

I also looked at my own writing and how I manage content. I have been on this voyage of sorts with different ways of creating diaries, notes, longer writing at times, capturing the big pictures of my wandering here and there. I used separate tools like Day One and Bear Notes because it seemed to make sense. Then it dawned on me, and perhaps it was a revolution and not an evolution, that all that wonderful imagery and pretty text wrangling was not portable nor did it mean I could easily export the stuff when the time came to do that. I grew tired of separate buckets and silos where I could not really share the information between or within. It soon became evident that there was really only one tool I had ever used that was the best of clear text but yet organizational and content driven abilities. But the path was kind of winding there. It’s never a straight go for me. I have to find other little detours to find something that was there for and that I used quite happily before.

So over the course of a few days and some mounting frustration that many of the so-called great apps did not do clear text or even markdown, I moved myself back to Ulysses. It’s not perfect but its more than just writing books. It’s the whole approach. I call it cellular. You can be as freewheeling or as organized as you like but all the information lives within a single application and for me that is the way. Having cute silos for writing daily and longer form exposition was painful especially when they did not meet.

It’s also meant I rethought the whole thing about buying an android phone to have fun with. Truth is its dawned on me,

I like this ecosystem and its security and even its walled gardens

Wow! I said it. I don’t want monthly OTAs and security issues and Samsung’s haphazard android support and skins and things. I want the devices to work together and I want to be able to write something in Ulysses on my iPad and have it shared to my iPhone. I want it to be cellular and fluid and no burps or bounces. I want simplicity and some elegance in some ways to enjoy that each bucket is within reach of the other bucket and not a fragile application away with its rules about import and export. Here is the thing:

Clear Text Rules!

That is the rule! With Ulysses I have that but I also have images if I want but I have the cellular experience of creation which means all my little life buckets are in one thing and the difference between them is not an import and export away. It’s right there.

So instead of wanderlust with a phone like the S11 I am so happy with the iPhone 11. Not the Pro because the only real difference is a tele lens which I am more than happy to sacrifice for the fun and funky wide angle lens.

The days are indeed winding down here in Kaohsiung and I will miss Taiwan and its civilized and easy ways of life. Where a 7/11 or a Family Mart can do so much with train tickets, SIM cards, and other stuff including receiving packages if you want. Maybe these are the integration points that are really needed. A person should be able to reach a 7/11 and do more. It is a convenience store. Right? Anyways, in a few days back to Taipei which is so much different than Tainan or here. A big city but still with the same ethos. This has been one of my favorite wandering and vagabonding places but I must go on and even go back to the US. Not a home any longer. Just another place with issues with guns, politics, freedoms, costs.

Wind those days down and soon I’ll traipse other places and see other things but all my creative juices if there are any flow now from a single thing. And I like being back.

December 12, 2019