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Morning times

Last night was dinner with dear friends and then some beer. This morning was pho bo down the street and now coffee.

It’s one of the peaceful mornings where the bird singing and the fish flying out of the lake are grist for this mill. I can sit over ca phe and watch the lake shine. Be mysterious. Perhaps wonder about me. I’m just a puny human. The lake touches it all. Endeavor and loss. Wonder and despair. Cool heights and warm depths. You’ve seen my pictures of the lake here. It’s one of the basic forces each day in my life. Living by it means not just views. It’s become part of my fabric. Like it’s currents steadily eddying and twisting are like mine. We all are deep and shallow. Have all the star stuff but the earth calls us it’s own. When I did archeology one friend often remarked of the twin forces of life in the desert being

erosion and deposition

In our lives what is so different? We perhaps ebb away like the dunes bowing to the desert winds and then that same force deposits us elsewhere. Perhaps not that far from whence we started. People think hunter gatherers had tough lives. That their forces were primordial and forceful. Kill the big beast. But no. Hunting was only done on occasion. Gathering was the predominant force. Would you want to chase a bison with a Folsom projectile point on a flimsy wooden shaft? Nah. There’s a bounty in the desert. Like with life in general you just need to know where to look.

And it’s the same with these times. Erosion and deposition. Finding and losing. Moving or standing still. No matter what morning times claim you. It’s up to you, however, what you do with them. I have times. But more I have moments. So perhaps this post should be called morning moments.

But is that not how the twin forces of erosion and deposition work. Take some here. Put some there. Enjoy your times. But more enjoy your moments. I do.

March 28, 2021

Dinner out