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Morning time and coffee time

When we moved to the house I started missing Moonrise Coffee as the regular stop. It seemed I would just drop in different places. Have a latte. Sit.

I figured lately with stress around the house I needed something. Some gentle companion to ease the troubles. What I needed was a regular and ritual coffee shop. Where when I walk in, smiles erupt. The regular iced latte already being made. The WiFi good.

Then one day I met R. We sat and swapped stories. His from traveling around for some years but settling before in Cambodia to open a restaurant. Me just going. One of the interest points is Vietnam. He loves the stories about the people. The cities. The places. One side effect is then I think more about the little things to tell him when we meet again.

Again at the ritual spot. To roast the bean. To taste the goodness. To talk with no fears. Perhaps truly the first expat friend since D in Vietnam.

I also catch up with virtual worlds like Ray’s here. His careful explorations and writing let me move slowly on his wandering. His moments. We are so far apart physically but writing and words and how they intersect tie us together. I choose to move slowly too but these days I choose to move away from the house. It seems stress and anger are rooted there.

So I move too. Slowly. And on foot. Because walking takes me to the worlds. Small rituals. Coffee this morning. Music at just the right level. Solitude peaking. I think on Vietnam. Again. How my life moved there. How I sometimes miss it intensely. When I went for Tet I was so happy but I think sadness and reflection colored the moments.

Then I met my wife. Almost a year with her. Good times and bad. Happy and sad. We get our share of them and lately more than a fair share.

So I come for the ritual. Grind the bean. Take me to a place where no judgements made or lost. Where smiles can come. Then there’s just the coffee.

Morning time and coffee to just find the well of peace. And I do here. Now I come every day. It’s a good relationship. They provide coffee and friendship. I take up space as long as I wish. Sometimes hoping R shows up. Other times glad he does not.

From here a short walk to a park and mall. Park benches and trees but first coffee and me.

Thanks to Ray for writing it all again. I’m listening.

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