Morning Rain

This morning the rooster sang his dawn rhapsody but spaced between his notes was the drumbeat of rain. It falls peacefully in the mornings sometimes here in Hanoi. Other times there is distant thunder and the rain comes with more force. No matter what though it seems to stop after 30 minutes.

It’s an incredibly peaceful sound here early mornings when it does come. Like small drum sets that dance a percussion and the air cools down and smells fresh with promise. So quiet in the early mornings but soon punctuated by the rooster and the rain.

It’s sadness and joy. Wonder and fear. Sorrow and fulfillment. It’s the morning in Hanoi. A Sunday Easter morning. The moments roll slowly for me this day. Instant coffee but not instant morning. This Hanoi morning takes awhile to show itself.

Then I hear the rain. The morning rain. No promises made and none kept. And it’s better that way. It’s better to have no expectations with the morning rain and be dazzled by its simplicity.

April 11, 2020