Morning mobile

I was giving some thought to devices I use this morning. I have an iPad Air 2019 and my new iPhone 12 Pro. The device getting the most use by far is the iPhone. I edit and create and send and receive on it. I also listen to music and watch YouTube movies and videos.

Perhaps it dawned on me why two? Most people here get by with a mobile phone. Most of those are either Samsung or iPhones.

What is there I cannot do with my lack of goals, milestones, tasks, reminders? I don’t need multiple email providers. Don’t need a bigger screen. Don’t need a device which also requires charging. So…

It dawned on me as it has before that an iPhone is good enough and even better. I do have a kindle paperwhite because I cannot stand reading on the iPhone. I will not buy real books. The kindle just does one thing and does it well. The iPhone does it all.

So perhaps I will offer the iPad to my landlady for her son. Or I will keep it powered off. I know one thing though. A laptop with what I don’t do is way too much.

The iPhone 12 Pro is the perfect size for me. Viettel lte works a charm on it. WiFi is good. The camera is a lot of fun.

It’s not being a minimalist because I’ve never applied that label. It’s being a realist as ever. Forget the one pair of shoes and socks. Remember why you have what you have. Be real about it. I can’t carry 4 pair of shoes in a 45 liter backpack when I go. I don’t wear collared shirts or nice slacks. Life for me is on the reality side. The edge requires no minimalism. It does require me to be real about what I do. Being real is so much better than applying some label.

Give it some thought.

March 25, 2021