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Morning comes

I have this longer post about Angkor Wat coming. I much prefer taking time with it and going over the photos on the MacBook and uploading and then embedding the images where I want them.

Gonna cheat today. So I just copy the image directly to Dropbox. It’s ok right? It’s also a Monday morning and I’m sitting in a nice coffee shop enjoying a second latte. It’s peaceful and latte times let me welcome morning in my own way.

coffee timecoffee time

So there we go. Thoughts with a classic Siem Reap morning to do nothing but enjoy. Alin went shopping because tonight she cooks dinner for us. I have the day to do whatever. I must go to barber and get beard trim today so will go when they open. I have barber here that I enjoy. He speaks very good English so we talk about Cambodia a lot.

But now back to morning. And Monday. And coffee.

March 13, 2023

Hanoi steps