Morning at the bakery

Today decided to go to bakery down the street and be on their WiFi a bit plus eat some nice pastries. I got rid of three final notes in Bear. Moved them to Day One which suits me better. Cancelled the subscription and deleted the app on my iPhone and iPad. I’m not a note taker any longer after 20 some years being forced to use OneNote on enterprise programs and projects. I also don’t have todo items or reminders so I deleted ones that were there but are really not required by some date like,

  1. Get haircut
  2. Get vision test

Instead they went to my google calendar with some date assigned. Today I had vision test scheduled so I edited the event and added a week. Maybe in some weeks will get a haircut too.

Now it’s coffee at the bakery on a cooler morning. High 20s here today. Few days ago low 30s. I keep on thinking weather is gonna change to autumn but my Vietnamese friends tell me

Wait for it!

So okay. More times at the bakery on cool mornings. A 10 minute walk from my room by west lake. Motorbikes zoom by. Conversations down 2m from my table interspersed with laughter. Hanoi is a fun city. Day by day we go more days with no community COVID-19 infections. Here in Hanoi 22 days today. We do get imported cases but they are managed by border authorities at airports and land crossings. Perhaps I can go to Can Tho and Saigon in December. I’m gonna wait to book the flights until October. The entire cost is $55 to go from Hanoi to Can Tho and then Saigon to Hanoi. Hotels will be reasonable too.

My landlady shows up today at 1pm to clean my room and change bedding. I am forever grateful for her kind ways, always checking on me, making sure I have food and water. She never asks about beer though! Hahaha.

I’ve mentioned before it’s very easy to live here. There’s some getting used to time. Perhaps it helps to be flexible. Because it is,

Same same but different

On to the day. Moments and moments. Time no longer exists. Bring it on.

September 8, 2020