More of the tourist in me

I’ve been living here in Vietnam since February 18th. That’s about the time covid took off and the Asian countries knew they were facing something dangerous. In December I think Taiwan realized something definitely was up. Now they have gone over 200 days with no local infections. Here in Vietnam we have gone almost 70 days. Things here are like a bubble of life. Coffee shops, restaurants, bars, domestic travel all available and easily reached.

I’ve spent time studying the so-called expat and digital nomad populations working here. Most I believe are teachers or perhaps work for companies here. There is the millennial class and older folks working and living here. Many have been here for years. Some have relationships here. Fewer are retired and some are married locally and get to stay here because of the marriage. Others perhaps like me are traveling through and decided to just extend tourist visas until they end.

For me it means playing the tourist my last few months here. I’ll go to Phu Quoc island over American thanksgiving and then celebrate my birthday in Can Tho with L. None of the trips flying around are expensive. Usually from $40 to $60 round trip. I will not go back to Saigon. I don’t care for the place too much.

Slowly but surely the time here ebbs away. Time in Asia does too. The next place, not the US, beckons in February. How long I will stay there I don’t know. It’s an easy life there too for retired folks. Until then though I play the tourist in Vietnam. A few short trips. Fun eating and drinking. Walking as I like each day. I’m not counting the days down because I love Vietnam. I am excited to get another place to bum around and wander for at least through 2021. Maybe after I will come back. Who can ever tell. I have the no plan plan. It doesn’t say a thing 😂.

November 9, 2020