More little things - Commento Comments

Is this exciting or what? I decided to just make this blog so cool, so ultimately useful and integrated comments using commento. So I turned on the embedding thingy in blot and then found a likely file to put in their little code snippet. The result is decent comments with social logins or email even. I had thought originally I would not do comments but getting the commento cloud service is less than what I would have paid for continuing to use wordpress as I was along with an annual subscription to blot. The rest of the little services are all free to do but I had to read. OMG. That was hard.

Now perhaps unless there is one other thing I just gotta have this blog is fully baked. Well. Not really. I never do fully baked things. But I am very happy with where it is for a few hours work. Publishing is a joy. Now I can crank the music, read my book later, maybe watch a history YouTube. Wanna know what I’m reading? Okay here ya go. Don’t say I never gave goodies away.


January 14, 2023