Memories and Moments

With the release of the iPhone 12 models and having just bought the iPhone 11 Pro in June, I wanted to offer a view from a non photographer and a seeker of memories and moments captured. I’ve had my share of cameras including numerous Fujifilm models. Each one had issues until the X-T30 which I had decided getting back to Vietnam early this year to give away. I had settled late last year on an iPhone 11. I really enjoyed that device for capturing the memories over two months in Taiwan, numerous walking trips in Saigon and then over a month in America. It was just so much simpler and easier to do what I wanted. The primary objectives with cameras and my iPhone models have been to,

  1. Capture moments I find interesting, fun, different, or memorable.
  2. Small post processing edits to call out details or just make the images be as I want.
  3. Share the shots to Facebook, mastodon, and sometimes to my blog.
  4. Archive to google photos and alternatively sharing from there
  5. Record the times which equal the memories part of things

The Fujifilm cameras did not do so well at this for me. I had to heft around the camera, batteries, cables, SD cards, chargers and finally the lightning to SD card adapter because the iOS Fuji remote camera app sucks. The workflow seemed difficult for someone only wishing to share pictures and keep them. I just give away the images so no interest in ever selling or doing more.

At the same time the iPhone models going back to the iPhone 7 Plus lasted through all those cameras. The X-T2 which was doomed with shutter button issues repeatedly even after being fixed in Singapore. The x100f which had viewfinder problems. Even the Panasonic lumix compact camera which only lasted two months. Perhaps I am hard on this gear.

When I turned to just my iPhone whether it was the 7 plus or now the 11 pro, it just lasts. Gone is the need for a workflow at all. I take pictures I like. I edit them either in the Apple photo app or darkroom. I share them. The path to memories and moments became more about the capturing of them and less about the camera stuff like lens and all the modes and whether I needed to update the firmware.

So for someone like me that wants to find my moments and memories whether in Vietnam or wherever I go, I’ve found my method to capture memories and moments. You should worry less about the camera or phone. I’ve seen shots from iPhone 6 models which astounded me. Worry about nothing at all if you are like me and just want to look back, maybe share an album or shot or two, and want a similar path. You don’t need all the goods. Hell you don’t need the iPhone 12 pro. You need your desire to create, maintain and save memories and moments. The device is secondary to the goal.

November 2, 2020