Maybe Changes

I’ve been living in Hanoi now for about 4 months give or take a beer. I may leave here in August for awhile. It’s hard to go anywhere now. Gone are the days of slipping across the Cambodian or Laotian border for a quick visa run. Now things are much more complicated and often costly. I will reach a choice I think tomorrow of staying longer or going back to California for a spell. The option of going back is not very exciting or positive. There is nothing for me there. No house, property, car. Nothing. My family has moved along and the new family is here. People that care for me. Want me. Love me I think. So why? Why?

It’s really a question of visas and residence here. Tomorrow I find out my options to just live here as I want and what it will take. Or I exercise the choice and go back to America. I was just there in January this year. I did not leave anything there. Vietnam is my home now. It’s the perfect combination of people, culture, history, food and beer. And I love it here.

So August will come. I will either stay or go. If I stay I will leave on a rail trip from north to south Vietnam. If I go I will see some airports like Hong Kong and San Francisco.

The world is an extremely complicated place and even more so with COVID-19 out there. Borders closed. Life changed. I’ll do what I want and have to do. But first it’s what I want. Having to do a thing has not been in my vocabulary for years. Difficult decisions for difficult times.

More to come. You can bet on it.

June 19, 2020