Little Vagabonds here and there

I fly out of here on 26 October. I’ll be glad. Until then though a few little hobos in Vietnam because I want to in three cases and I really need to in one. In a week I ride Vietnam railroad to Haiphong. I’ve never been. It’s a 3 hour train trip from the Hanoi Long Bien station. I’ll be there a few days, do the usual photography stuff, eat, drink, and walk. Then the need to one happens. I need to go to Saigon and say goodbye to someone. I met her a year ago in Saigon. I would have gone for longer to Can Tho but this other person decided to move on elsewhere and not tell me. So that trip went through some iterations and ended up as a three day trip to HCM. Decided on a whim to go to Hoi An in September. Finally in October I go to Hue for a few days. Very interesting place in the grand sweep of Vietnam history.

Someone asked me the price for this flying around. Roundtrip airfare is between $50 and $60 wherever I go. Hotels are about $20 a night normally although I upgraded the room in a few places. It comes down to this. I don’t care. I’m doing these little vagabonds to enjoy myself and have short breaks from Hanoi. Cost for food, beer, lodging, and air or train is part of the enjoyment thing.

I get back and have about two weeks before leaving for the US. America is just a two month layover. I want the one way flight to Quito Ecuador in January on business class using my miles. I don’t think my moments extend to returning to Asia. I’m done with it and the countries. I’ve loved it here but honestly I have that hobo desire. I need to go.

So there’s the little things that I’ll do to enjoy my last months here. Going back to America is not enjoyable. It’s a thing to do to reach other things that are enjoyable. I want retirement life well supported by the government and with cost of living and fun within reach. Ecuador offers it to me. Southeast Asia doesn’t even come close to pension retirement in Ecuador or Costa Rica or other places. Vietnam has no retirement plan. I’m tired of visas. So bring on what the government mandates in Ecuador.

The next few months will let me relax here. Enjoy my Vietnamese friends and see my friend Paul every so often, eat some food, take solitary walks, beer drinking by west lake and maybe some writing. I won’t miss the nomads and expats here whatsoever. I’ve spilled on them before.

Stay tuned to this blog channel. The old retired guy is gonna wander around Vietnam the next months. Then it’s about leaving.

July 15, 2020