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Little things…

Yesterday I got into Saigon after a longer than usual wait for customs clearance. People cannot read! They first try to pay with visa or MasterCard no matter all websites and signs say cash only in USD. Then they get in line without getting visa first. So customs and immigration officer gets frustrated.

Vietnamese visas are exceedingly easy to get folks. You go to one place and turn in paperwork and then wait for your name to be called and pick up passport with visa and pay. Easy! Then you wait in line to clear customs. Only a few steps yet people can mess up.

After the wait times found my L was waiting at airport for me for two hours. She is so sweet and wonderful to me. We had dinner and talked for awhile. She gave me new messenger bag for my wandering. We held hands and the time passed so wonderfully.

Today I go to get her new shoes and I get a new iPad. I wiped my MacBook and gave to her. I don’t want or need. I want lighter and more portable so an iPad will work fine.

Tonight we go on a dinner cruise together. After 10 years of having no one having a sweet and loving Vietnamese woman Is so different. I must say they are the most loving, dedicated and caring people. I count my blessings to have her.

homeless and loving it

Now I have no home. No place to go back to or not wish to return to. A wonderful hobo feeling overtakes me. No decisions to be made. Just a wonderful world to go see on my terms.

The next 7 months will be like this. Wandering around the world basically but skipping Europe pretty much. I cannot wait though for Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, and Dubai. But that gets me ahead of myself. Now it’s my favorite place to be right now. Manic and crazy Saigon. I love it completely.

I will also go to Can Tho to see another friend there for a few days. We shall eat and drink!

Then before I know it off to Taiwan for two months. I slip the wandering gear to the forward position. Don’t look the other way. As a sign says,

don’t look back. we are not going that way.

So I won’t.

October 11, 2019

Time to go