Lets start with some words on the blog

The mornings for me are a bit repetitive whether here or when I am home or even the three days in San Bruno, California in September 2022 I think. I enjoy music in the mornings but the peaceful stuff like Dar Williams and similar artists playlist on Apple Music. I enjoy writing the personal touch in Day One first thing sometimes before a room coffee. It is like connecting my day today to other days and speaking the morning mind. So maybe some personal little things for the day. Some lifted a bit from Day One and some reading here and there. Maybe on mastodon. I also make some use of an RSS reader called News Explorer. I am not a fan of RSS but it works for the things I like to keep up on. Some personal things which just coalesce in my jumbled up brain bucket this morning in Hanoi…

  1. Twitter things. I’ve lost track of all the issues with twitter or them blocking some third party apps by blocking some API that they use. I feel bad for the developers that have put skin in this game. I feel bad for the users who wanted an experience just not the one Twitter gave out. Finally I feel bad for whoever is left at Twitter doing the heavy lifting. It must be a despondent and hateful environment there now. In all honesty here, I have no use for Twitter and have not had one for years. It always seemed to me like a third rate experience that I could just quit easier. Facebook was harder to quit than Twitter. Finally though two years ago I gave up on the simmering hatred and people that banged on Facebook and privacy while using Facebook. Seemed like a strange thing then and it still does now. I hope Twitter though does something to explain to people that wrote those apps but I doubt it. I don’t know much about Elon but I don’t think he makes a habit of explaining things. Seems to me when you are the richest man in this world, you don’t gotta worry about explanations.
  2. Writing. I read a few blogs here and there. I don’t do a blogroll but there are some I enjoy. I do read the so-called microblogs which are like I went there and did that”. With a nice emoji or whatever it is called by it which kinda showcases the effort. I always feel like for me the blog is about writing on the going and not arriving and not what I did when I arrived but all the things I found on the way. So I tend to gloss over the services that exemplify that kind of writing. I would never have a or account. When I want to explore the going it is not about arriving with a cute emoji. I also don’t need profile pages or links to other pages or a home page which lists other pages. This blog is a one stop shop for me. Writing here is the same. Short or long I just go for it. I don’t need some snazzy service to stand up for me to offer yet another take on a day for me which has no takes. My days just go and never arrive and I write to sometimes tie together or split apart the going into little things I see.
  3. Photography. I am no photographer and I don’t want to be one. What I do like is capturing my moments. All of them. Nice and stupid because life is made up of both. I’ve been a fan of the day to day explorations in photos. I don’t need spectacular. I need regular that makes me want to do the writing. The iPhone 14 pro works like a charm for me because all the photos are right there. Not sitting on some SD card with batteries and cables and crap and since I am no photographer, I don’t need to take RAW images or use a third party camera app like Halide or ProCamera. I do like looking at pretty photos that real photographers take. I have my favorites and I admire their art and science but I’m also glad to not be one of them. They seem to be driven to have more of all things like camera bodies and lens and batteries and cables. I tried that before with FujiFilm gear. I found out I am not a dedicated camera guy since all that was an expensive experience and I hated the cost in time and money to get some of the stuff. I prefer the joy of moments and experiences over lens and filters and raw file shooting and editing and post processing and whatever else photographers got to do to do what they do. The iPhone 14 pro just does those things for me. Imperfect I know. But I am not perfect either.

So as usual, the words tumble out this morning. I have a feeling that IAwriter and Blot will give me a second thought on the blog today. All the things that are going and not arriving and the days which dwindle down in Hanoi. Soon the tag for Vietnam will stop being used except when I want to use it or like to. The words never stop though. They cascade from spirit, mind to this canvas. I just let them out because I feel like the proverbial constipation of soul and mind and spirit without this release. Imperfect, near sighted, no coffee but I will fix that before hitting publish here. Oh. By the way hitting publish here is not hitting publish here. It is copying a thing to a folder on Dropbox. I also can embed those previously mentioned photographs without copying them to Dropbox. Nice! Laziness means now I stop and decide to head upstairs one flight for some room coffee.

The coffee!

And the end of this post. No more thoughts this Wednesday besides leaving for Siem Reap in a week. Back to my mystery companion that awaits me impatiently and sighing into WhatsApp wanting me back. The feeling of another wanting me. That’s new. I also want home. That feeling lacking for awhile since living in Vietnam during the pandemic times. Oh… I did go on.

See ya. Glad I don’t have to be ya.

January 18, 2023