Lets go to the last day

So today I guess is my last day in Hanoi but I have one more day left in Saigon. Tomorrow morning I fly from Hanoi to Saigon and spend the night at the Ibis Saigon Airport Hotel. A really nice place which is about 1500 feet from the airport. There are some nice fixtures at the hotel and for my last I decided I wanted them all. I’ll probably eat at one of their restaurants and drink a little at the skybar and watch even the Saigon airport go nuts.

But today! Today was all about getting up earlier to get laundry done and hanging on the line to dry. I picked today because it will be the warmest of the last few. I’ll return home with not so many dirty clothes which is nice. The washing machine is temperamental here and takes whatever time it wishes to take. It is made in Japan but precision and attention to detaill are not the machine’s highlights. What it does do is an acceptable job at getting clothes clean.

Later this morning one of my housemates and I will see if we can eat some breakfast out and then in the afternoon, V will come over to take us out for milk tea or coffee by the house. I will also want to get a last walk in at West Lake in some direction. The actual place matters little. What matters is the going.

In some ways hard to believe my 30 days is up but in others, there are some things waiting either patiently or not so in Siem Reap. I have this other person in my life which wants me back. She has grown less patient as the days have gone by. Last night she told me,

I have waited long for you

Not many people tell me that but I feel her pain so I will get back and have to take her out someplace really nice for dinner. She does not ask ever for nicer places but after being gone a month I think we should take some time, hold some hands, talk some talk. I want to see that mysterious Khmer smile again, those flashing eyes which at the same time seem soulful and sad and almost erotic. I get lost in eyes here and in Cambodia. Truly windows to what we are deep inside. Have you noticed with face masks on when a person smiles, the eyes crinkle up?

I have a photo album full of two places to share tomorrow. My adventures in Saigon and Hanoi for a month. I will also start posting again to my daily Siem Reap tag because there is lots to capture there too but more of my daily walks, sights, people, places.

So the last day in Hanoi comes yet again. I’ve been asked to come back in April for another turn at Vietnam. I won’t be doing Saigon again. This time I hope to start in Da Nang and see Hoi An and Hue and then ride the train north to Hanoi. I’ll just make the flights work to fly into Da Nang and then back to Phnom Penh from Hanoi. I can do whatever the F I want. I’m adulting here :-)

So I’ll stop the wordly aberrations and get on with sending this over to Dropbox. Did I mention that Blot rules for blogging? You want a photo at the end? Yeah? Ok. Here ya go.

That was yesterday wandering around after I went for coffee at this other lake. Did I mention that Hanoi has lots of lakes and most have wonderful walking around them with cafes, pubs, restaurants for enjoyment? Yep!

Take care all.

January 23, 2023