Leaving it alone

I felt compelled perhaps to mention a toot I made on mastodon. For decades I did live concerts, big gatherings for things. Parties. People. I don’t do those any longer. I have never been a people person so the change became a thing with covid to me. I was thinking on it this morning after the new years eve celebrations here in Hanoi. I don’t do crowds. Ever. I will not attend a live concert or show. A political event. A car race, horse race, or just a bunch of people doing whatever bunches of people do.

People can say the pandemic is over, the countries are open but those two are not the same to me. The pandemic is not over and to me it is up to us to raise our awareness and protect ourselves. If it means gathering go by the wayside so be it. I will never do a live concert again. Attend a big social event. Last night was just the continuation of my desire to not put myself at risk yet again. Flying and crowded air terminals I deal with by sitting alone and masking up. I don’t feel that is safe but I will not give up everything. What I do decide to not do are the things I look at and feel they are a risk. Hundreds of people packed into a small place or a large venue seems like an invitation for a super spreading event to just happen. Not the fault of any one person. I just won’t drive that car or be in it.

So when one of the airbnb housemates asks today if I had a good time by not going I will say,

good? no. Safer yes. And I did what I personally believe in.

I cannot just go back and pretend like it is all okay. It is not okay. You can make it so in your life and times. That’s your business. Covid is real and people get sick still. I can take a small step and limit one thing.

I don’t like it. This is a thing I can do though like it or not. This is what I said on Mastodon. You have your life in your hands. Like the old song my dad used to sing, you have the whole world in your hands. Just make choices you can live with.

I did.

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January 22, 2023