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Leaving for Texas

Tomorrow I catch the Amtrak from Oakland to Los Angeles and then on to San Antonio for a few days. I visit an old IBM friend in Austin, spend two days in San Antonio and leave for Florida.

It’s been two years gone to the edge for me. Two years of something completely different. Suffice to say that Asia is more fun, spontaneous, and prices are a lot different. The main thing has to be the people though. It’s just better there for me. After a week in California I can’t wait to leave.

All told I have about 4 weeks in the US. I could never live here again. There is simply not enough for me. So on to Texas. Two days on an Amtrak which is a thing I have wanted. On to things which are different but not different.

I don’t believe I will come back again. There’s just not enough compelling to make me want to make the trip again. I’ll enjoy my Amtrak trips all across the United States and then back to San Francisco but my heart and soul are not on this continent. It’s just a momentary wandering thing with some enjoyment here and there. Vietnam and Cambodia are not even close to what I see here.

I’ll share my google photos album of the train trip to San Antonio. Here to there. Moments to traverse. No more people to want to see in California.

January 21, 2020