Lazy Days…

Some days just seem like I should do less. I realized it’s Thursday today after thinking yesterday was Sunday. Perhaps because I went to Hoan Kiem Lake and I usually do that on weekends. I also started playing with the Halide Mark II camera app on my iPhone 12 Pro and got a new photo editing tool called RAW Power. The ProRAW photos on iPhone 12 are significantly larger and one can recover significant highlight and shadow details by simple editing. The format Apple released really creates more fun for people like me that enjoy experimenting with what these small sensors can produce. I gave up on digital cameras over a year ago after finding them not so good and really a PITA on the photography I enjoy. I had a number of fujifilm cameras but none lasted and my XT2 soured me on trusting them with repairing and servicing the camera. I had my friend take to Singapore Fujifilm for repairs and after waiting months and finding myself in Siem Reap I got the camera back from its trip from Singapore to Phnom Penh. Not two weeks later the same issue. Meanwhile my iPhone 7 Plus lasted me through all this. I also had two x100f cameras. Nice cameras but they broke. Finally had the xt30 and it was not enough and too much. So ended up giving it away with two lens. From that I started with iPhone 11s. Now an iPhone 12 Pro.

I mention all this because this post is about being lazy. There is nothing lazy about digital cameras. They are work. Work to heft around. Work to protect if not weather sealed. Work to get shots off the camera. The antithesis of lazy. Then I ask myself,

what do I expect from photography?

Loaded question. I realized my goals were simple and digital cameras are complex. I wanted no workflow. No transfer. No bulky bag to heft. For me, photography is enjoyment and personal fulfillment. I could give an F less if you don’t like what I share here or on mastodon. You can skim on over it. Then laziness and wanting to just take memories and experiences without aperture priority and manual mode and SD cards and firmware and on and on. So I stopped.

Lazy days won. Just like today. Like most days. Some say,

what did you accomplish?

Say what? I don’t do things to accomplish them. I’m past that mode. I do them because I want to. Some things like a book I don’t finish on my kindle. It’s ok.

It’s like this blog. Never really done. Another day comes and I think of writing. I get lazy. I decide to write another time. This is another time.


March 3, 2021