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Today walked to a place for breakfast have not been to for awhile. Viva restaurant is next to Pub Street and the Old Market. I have no real reason to come but that never stopped me before. The distance from home is not so great either. Perhaps a km walk or so. The last and most probable reason is I felt like it.

I sent Alin off to the doctors. She has a variety of medical issues. This time we hope to find answers to some that have plagued her since 2012. She almost cried last night in my arms telling me she had to wait. Had to find me. Love me. She needed me to take care of her and she has a lot of care and devotion to give back. She has given all.

So now I sit here and it also dawned on me tourist season is in its last gasp. The restaurants are quieter. The streets move slower. Life will slow down to low season. Soon the rains. Siem Reap has a longer rainy season.

But all that’s in other days. Tomorrow days. Today I sit with a cooling americano coffee. I love this city. It gave me her. And it gives me peace. Walking when I want. Solitude when I need.

I’ll have another coffee. Listen to the waiters laughing. Stray thoughts come. Go. I wonder how my daughter is. How is my mum in the provinces.

I melt away.

April 28, 2023