Last weekend in Hanoi

Seems interesting as I decided to make my room coffee that I was thinking of other places. Perhaps courtesy of Day One, I get to resurrect those other days. Perhaps they should be called Days. A year ago in Mexico, Two years ago in Vietnam, Three years ago in the US. Now I have this weekend here and Tet is ready to step in starting already. Local places are already closing and this weekend will grow quiet in the city. Or at least quieter as people head home to families.

Yesterday though was busy on Hong Ma street where the decorations ran supreme. It seemed then walking through the colors, seeing families out to eat and shop for decorations for Tet, children running in amazement at the colors, that life was yet again another set of moments for me to wonder and even wander at. At first thought it was this beautiful street I have loved since forever. Wrote blogposts on it before, shared photos.

Beautiful Mural Street with lanterns, flowers, and many people doing their level best to capture this new moment with all sorts of devices. I loved just fitting in to the scene, seeing it all again for the very first time. I’ve loved coming to Mural Street many times because of the art work and how it calls up a Hanoi of the past. Sometimes it seemed the present fit in with the past.

The boy always made me laugh. I dreamt once he awaited some girl friend or lost childhood partner that would take him farther away. In this scene I was struck that the woman fit so well into the historic scene. Like the scene in the mural just grew to encompass today and a step back by her would place into some history.

Of course the photos and experiences and moments are in the wrong order. I went to Mural Street first and then let my feet take me to some other places. No matter what each little thing contributed to me seeing both places loving each moment of it.

Today brings more…

Always brings more and a little less. Our markers of time go by and I always want to walk a place find a little scene I want to let the iPhone record but I also know it will never get the true wonder of it when I see it. Photographs are like markers to let our imaginations fire but perhaps we fill in so many more details that we tuck away in our memories and let them be found again. Like going to these places.

Today brings a slightly different direction I wish to wander. First around West Lake to the south and west and then find a trail to get lost in. This city always grants my wish.

And that is the today that will bring probably more and less to my plate.

January 20, 2023