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Kep days

We are spending two lazy days at Kep. It’s a relaxing and slow dance compared to even Kampot. Life by the beach is a wonderful combination of bbq seafood, fresh fruit and cold beer. The ocean is just beyond so we can walk there. Mostly though it’s the swimming pool at the hotel. It just keeps us going each of the days with sitting and talking or swimming and chasing each other. Alin likes the whole sun and pool scene so we decided to not do any thing or things these days. Even walking kinda slowed down.

Photography has been more personal of late. Pictures of us going or not. Eating and drinking. Finding our way to nicer bars and pubs or coffee shops.

Tomorrow to Phnom Penh

Tomorrow morning we check out and pay our bill for food and beer and head back to Kampot for afternoon bus ride to the big city neither of us really cares for.

Then Sunday back to Siem Reap where we both love to live.

Blogging gets more daily then. See you when we get back.

February 17, 2023