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Kampot Photo finals

Welcome to my story telling photos page. I don’t plan updates but today I wanted to do some earlier and tell a little story or so about them.

I had gone out walking one day before in Kampot and found myself looking at this. I sometimes have some visions about living in a place like this. Sitting out in the evening with a beverage. Watching the sunset decide to dance across the mountains there in the back.

This place was fun. There is a dam farther up the river that chokes it off and suddenly you hear a horn sounding warning notes. The dam is letting water out and then the swimming area above floods with water. I climbed into the icy cold water a few times. There is a sandy bottom I could sit on. This perhaps is a hidden jewel in Kampot and I saw no expats or tourists anywhere around there. Lots of Cambodian people have fun swimming and eating. The food is a little more expensive but we just took our tuktuk driver along because he felt like family after the first day.

The cave under a mountain of trees surprised me. There is an older than Khmer empire temple within and these beautiful caverns with slowly forming art from floor and ceiling. It took us a few hundred steps to reach the caves and the entire area was kinda deserted except for us. Yet another hidden area in plain sight.

May 22, 2023