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Kampot on Tuesday

Like I had written yesterday, we are leaving tomorrow for about a week to Kampot. Kampot is located along the ocean just about but we are not going for another fun-filled trip to ocean or to eat crab. This time Alin works for a few days. We’ve been waiting to go but because I am a poor barang we had to wait an additional month. It is funny that most things like food, beer, lodging are so reasonable but when you get to doing with land, the prices blossom. But Alin and I this morning laughed a bit and she held my hand and will always tell me she loves me. I’m waiting for the deposit of my retirement money so we can have it sent here. Still suffering because I could not get the new ATM card sent here. I will hopefully do that soon.

In the meanwhile relied on tried true Xoom to send money. It takes 2 minutes to do a wire transfer to ABA here. So fast. I start and then I’m done and Alin gets a text message the money has arrived. We hop a tuktuk to the bank. She answers a few questions, shows her passport, and we are in business. Now she’s gone to go get her Moto straightened out, get the laundry, pay rent. So relieved. It was funny when we walked into the ATM area at ABA. She told the Khmer folks,

my husband need money. I am good Khmer wife. I give him.

First in English and then Khmer. She holds my hand, hugs me. Tell me she loves me yet again.

So much of this seems so day to day but today was anything but normal. We ate breakfast on credit with Kesor. They were happy to give us food. We went to Moonrise and the owner smiled and treated us to coffees.

Then I waited for the direct deposit and immediately started the Xoom transaction which finished 2 minutes later. Now I’m in the room considering something of a walk today and then come back and shower and do dinner out tonight with my wife. Some beer, some food. Some smiles and laughter. What the F would life be without her I wonder.

I think every so often of waiting and giving up after over a decade. It just seemed I was destined to a life alone. Destined to wander some worlds and see others. Not being able to ever accept what had happened before. That would have been sad. I have would have never found a thing worth finding. If you ever find you are alone, I hope you find someone like her. Oh… That song…

I waited. Wandered. Went.

And found someone like you.

Baby baby. I love you.

May 15, 2023

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