Journals, Blogs, Notes, Diaries and More

I’ve been giving some thought to how I create content and where I share things. I always am interested in finding new things to check out which somehow led me to Journo. This app supposedly provides a place to journal your adventures but you pay a subscription fee. You can share the journal you create and it can be published. At $99 a year cost and its $299 lifetime cost. I don’t really understand the motivation when one can get a wordpress blog for free and create. But I am gathering there are numbers of people that use the app when they go on gap year things or whatever they do around travel.

My real never ending question is value. None of the apps like Trover, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook satisfy my itch. Flickr is too expensive and I doubt it will be a survivor with its gritty pro cost levels.

I think its much better to get a basic blog somewhere. I use Write.As now because it provides this blank slate of a canvas where I can create. I don’t want or need the following or followers but in some ways I do have them because I have federated followers that read my blog with a subscription. I also have my blog set to provide email support when I publish. But even if you went with wordpress, you would get more than Journo. The cost sure is less! Maybe its the collaboration and the travel journal thing. So I include writing journals or diaries because I am inveterate diary writer. Now I use DayOne because for me it works.

Then there are notes. What is a note anyways? Some content that may or may not provide useful to me that is synced on iCloud to my devices. Bear Notes works just fine for that for me. I’ve tried a few others like Evernote, OneNote, Standard Notes, SimpleNote. Nothing does what Bear does for me. It’s an elegant and understated app which allows deep tagging, linking notes to other notes and the ability to just write is so easy and it shows prominently when you fire up the app. I also don’t feel its dumbed down on iOS and iPadOS.

So there is the dust of my miasma. The yesterday tools of me trying to not be productive but publishing useful stuff. Journo, Instagram, Twitter all fall into this category. I have dropped them or never really started. Now I find myself on Facebook because all my Vietnamese friends hang there and my most favorite social media site. Mastodon and my specific instance,, crosses the i’s and dots the t’s. It’s a federation of sites and I can see federated users and local ones, I can use other instances that may have different focus points. It’s a fun world to use and my instance tends to rock for photography sharing, news on cameras, and basic sharing of ideas.

Finally there is the blog. This blog has been around. It hitchhiked from WordPress to because I got tired of the mantra of Wordpress and I felt I had timed out with the business account where I never used the 15 features and upgraded for two like plugins and themes. I could just use a self hosted Wordpress on a hosting provider (blah) or a VPS (better) but I never liked the work. So Write.As was the final point of my odyssey. It’s been good for me!

I think I covered all the categories so let me catch up a bit now on my vagabonding.

Back in San Francisco for Awhile

Yes. I am back. Not really liking or disliking it. I’m seeing a few more old friends here and went on a tour today of Alcatraz Island which was a lot of fun. I will see some other folks the next five days, enjoy some food and beer here. Then I will leave. I leave for Vietnam on Monday and get back on Tuesday to Hanoi which will be home for awhile. I have a cheap airbnb there for three months.

I will be going to see my L in March for a few days and also to see another L in Can Tho but I really have wanted the stability of no wandering. I’m tired of the movement even though I so enjoyed the places and not having a so-called home. Even when I stay longer, I only have enough stuff to fit in a smaller travel bag now. I figure I am carrying about 35L of stuff so I ditched the Tortuga Outbreaker bag and its heft and pockets for something much simpler. So home is a relative concept to me given I have nothing at all. Perhaps the nothing at all” is what frees me from the life of worry and concern others have. I simply do not have anything of real property worth. Some T shirts, underwear, socks, a few little electronic doodads. Life has become incredibly simple and it feels good. Living somewhere means kinda unpacking but I’ve made so many changes to the property side in the last years and even downsized this time that I cannot find it in myself to call a place home any longer. It’s just gonna be a place I stay longer I fear.

So that’s the meandering story I have and I’m stuck with it. You are not though. You can click the back arrow and forget you ever saw this stuff and maybe read that website about how to take the best kitten YouTube videos. I’ll leave it here for you!

February 11, 2020