Interlude in Vietnam

Today I move a little. A step from here to there. It’s a beautiful morning to be moving along. First some breakfast and then some little bit of time. After that to the airport. To the big city. To Saigon. Only for a day. I will get in at 1pm and move to my hotel in district 1. For a day and a night and a morning.

Perhaps to shop a bit and eat a bit. Both are good in Saigon. I’d like some t shirts and new underwear at Ben Thanh market. The things are cheap but I could do better in Hanoi for them. So maybe I wait and go to stores I know there.

An interlude. Whispered softly by the morning in Quy Nhon. Casting on the gentle breezes of my open balcony door in the hotel. I hear it’s refrain. That interlude.

Change comes always. Nothing so constant. From here to there.

Just like my mentor RWR would say. Sometimes we know the here and the there is shrouded in mystery. All ok. It’s the change itself that comes.

See you after the interlude.

October 14, 2020