In real time

I’ve been using the iOS WriteFreely app in beta now and it’s pretty good! The editor is minimal which is about what you would expect given itself. When I moved from Wordpress last year the interface and how published posts looked wowed me. My friend Mikka had been running one of his blogs here. Now he’s gone to other pastures. Perhaps Wordpress or something else. I miss the stories and pictures a lot from when he would do that. Maique on does a similar thing.

I had settled on leaving Wordpress a year ago but wanted something where writing was front and center. The art and act of creation. The goal no matter with this blog was to document my passing of time leaving the US forever and living a wanderers life in Asia. Back then COVID-19 was nothing. I could record my places in my no plan plan way. The entire effort years in the making from about 2009 with divorce was to remove everything. House, car, property. Debt. Credit cards. But as a realist and not a minimalist. I did not downsize I became real. I could not fit nice shoes and jackets and pants in a 45 liter travel backpack. First was the Tortuga Outbreaker. It was nice but too much. Then an Eagle Creek bag which is half the weight and carries maybe 40 liters. So another bout of realism. Clothing went. Do not need any more than a weeks worth of clothing and never have. Things like t shirts and shorts are replaced in markets here. About $3 for a t shirt and $5 for shorts. So it’s all an exercise in being real. Not a minimalist or downsizing. And it’s worked. The slate almost blank.

The same with creating content on The new editor or IAwriter or Drafts or whatever your markdown editor is. The same process. It’s about having less but being real about it.

Now I sink down in a comfy chair in a nice coffee shop. In Hanoi. Was I successful? I don’t measure success or failure. Just like I don’t record tasks or goals or milestones or schedules. Those aren’t real either. It’s me and now.

In real time.

October 9, 2020