Hsinchu Confidential and iPhone Photography Updates

I made it to Hsinchu yesterday via the high speed rail and then a taxi ride to the hotel. Today will go out and experience the city a bit with camera in hand or phone in hand or both in my case. It’s a windy here a lot of the time so you see a lot of people wearing heavier coats or jackets but its not really any colder nor does it have differences in weather that I can see than Taipei. I’ll spend a week here and then shuffle on down on the high speed rail to the next city Taichung and then on to the first capitol city Tainan. Then a final city and will turn around and ride the high speed rail all the way back to Taipei for two nights. I will have used up 60 of the 90 days I get on my visa exemption here and got to see parts of Taiwan that I had decided months ago sounded like a interesting set of cities but all contained in the route on the western side of the island that the high speed rail services. I did it all on a whim and just for fun! :-)

iPhone Photography Updates

I’ve given up shooting RAW photographs and using Halide and am back to the native camera app. There are a few reasons mostly around sloth and laziness on my part.

  1. The RAW photos take more work and upon looking at what I get back I can edit the JPEG or HEIC files and get similar results but the RAW photos take a lot more effort since they contain all the goodies while the HEIC photos are taken to reduce the workflow and give you the best out of the camera. My take is if I could take JPEGs with a FujiFilm camera, why not do the same with the iPhone 11. I’m lazy but editing the resulting file in darkroom or Snapseed seems so easy.

  2. I cannot see an easy way to send the RAW files to my iPad to edit. I’d like to move them and edit them in darkroom on the iPad since it has more room but it seems daunting. Again I guess I am lazy and really do not want to learn some strange and arcane way to do this.

  3. The workflow with RAW files is complex it seems to me and what I get back is not worth the effort put into it. I don’t particularly care for Halide or their form of support where email to support is never answered about basic usability questions either. The app is an editors choice but it has confusing menu options and why don’t we get more if its a pro app? I would like to try digital zooming but cannot in it because its locked to two zoom or lens choices. The app should open up the flexibility to change things. This creates a workflow trying to edit RAW files taken with the camera as I pointed out above that is just too time consuming. Maybe if the Halide support team would answer me about why I de-select RAW for the photo that RAW is still active in the settings? The app also does not make sense some of the time to me. I guess if I were a pro at this it would but things like menu options, missing basic functionality, not producing actual wiki or documents to help people learn, is really missing the whole point of the app.

  4. Finally its what I want at the end of the day or effort. I want to sit over a beer and like my photos. I don’t really care if you don’t like them. I don’t take them for you to like really. I take them to record my wandering. I like sharing them but I don’t share them for your approbation. I share them to show what I am seeing and where I am and perhaps to reflect on the choices and places I go. I also only share to a few social networks like Facebook and Mastodon. Sue me if you don’t like it. I could care less.

The real truth in all the points above is the laziness and sloth I have toward things. It’s why I gave up on real cameras and lugging around even the X-T30 Fujifilm camera and lens and batteries and SD cards and chargers and all that crap. It got boring and it got to be too much for me to want. Same thing happened with the laptop. I wanted simpler and easier so an iPad Air 2019 became nice as a second device after my iPhone 11.

What it all means in the end is I’m happy with the choices. I like editing the photographs the way I do. The iPhone 11 is a nice gizmo for things and the choices of lens on the phone make sense for what I like to do. I can step closer or crop photos if I want. I considered buying the moment Tele lens or their zoom lens. Why? Why would I do that? It just adds another thing and I question the value for what I do. I’ve seen some images purportedly taken with the Tele lens. I don’t get the claims they make to quality. It does not look much different to me than simply cropping the photograph or even digital zooming. And I guess the final thing it shows my disregard for the fundamentals of photography. I am not a photographer but I like taking photographs and sharing them. I don’t like the debate about shooting RAW photographs because of X or Y reason. It bores me. Let’s just get to the point where you show what you have done. If I like it, it don’t matter if it was a RAW file first or not.

Anyone can take photographs that are somewhat good with the iPhone or Android or Fujifilm camera at hand. You don’t need to do anything special. Put the camera on auto, shoot in JPEG, do whatever pleases you. They are your photographs. You did the walking and the wandering. If you want to gain followers, perhaps you need to do things differently. I don’t really know. Maybe Instagram is your thing.

It’s not mine. I like where I’m at now.

November 18, 2019