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How I delight myself writing

Some days it is a two blog post day. Today just maybe is one of those days. For awhile this morning I wandered sort of in a daze waiting for my wife to call me about her doctor appointment. Truth is with her I am a chronic worrier. It ended up different when she came home and let me know things were okay. She got a shot in the butt and goes back for another one Monday and was told to not eat meat or drink alcohol. I think both of those bummed her out completely.

For me, I settled down and explored some journaling first. I had decided back and forth writing in IAwriter and then looking at how I could write in Day One. I settled yet again to write in Day One. Until I decide to change to IAWriter for it all. Remember; I deleted all the old cruft which was almost 10 years of journaling. It had become a downward spiral to me. I felt dragged down, not uplifted by it or even on a par each day. So today I delighted in the basic act of writing things. A side thing is in IAwriter using wikilinks to link articles. This is very handy if I want to write connected notes. And hell; who does not want to write them? Since I can and could I may. This brings me back to IAwriter land.

Finally I bailed on it all for the pool. Deciding not to decide is a particular strength I have and after the morning walking, I reached this point at the Angkor Market with an ice cream in hand that there was no real point in deciding. So I headed home from there. Just as soon as I got home it seems my wife showed up. We chatted a bit and she took off for time with her Khmer friends. I decided to exit to the pool and these wonderful tables with umbrellas I always claim. You know…

Like this.

This was nice but the pool was too tempting and my historical novel on the kindle reached a chapter end. I dawdled around with pool and kindle. Each in their own kingdoms for awhile and then I remembered I had a fruit bowl all cut up in the fridge. I love to eat fruit every day and especially when Alin goes shopping. She knows all the stuff I like to eat so I found this happy bowl waiting for me.

A nice conclusion to a day spent by the pool pretty much.

I decided to then stretch my luck and call my friend Paul in Hanoi Vietnam. He actually answered the phone! We talked for almost an hour about stuff. Stuff with him includes the coming and going of family. Of course Vietnamese family is huge. We compare notes to Alin and her family here. Yeah. Huge! I am more of a solitary type so the room and the pool and the kindle take me to far lands. Books melt me into them and I wander the dusty streets of London with the hero looking for clues to strange crimes. It seems though too soon I get through the books even though there are five of them. Such is the good life of the recluse by the pool.

Evening does come to this post

So by the time evening comes along, I figure out I need to go buy some bottled water. Pretty sure the doctor today wants Alin to drink more water. I battled with going to ABA Bank and using my Cambodian bank account but checked my wallet and found enough Riel to go buy water. A particular joy here is just using ABA everywhere with their pay system. Just scan a QR code and be done with it and you pay. Another cool thing is taking money out without a debit card. Just use the mobile app, generate a unique number, enter it into a friendly ABA ATM and the Riel comes out.

This is one cool feature I wish more banks had. I also wish CapitalOne had not futzed with my account like they did. I toyed with the idea of writing an email to them complaining but it is really the first faux pas they did to me even though the customer service rep insisted it was normal. I had to somewhat gag at the idea they would leave someone with no way to get money and call that normal since the new card still has not been received in the US.

They also don’t really understand why I am in Cambodia so I have to tell them stories like I am traveling on an extended vacation when a thing happens. Luckily I have a US mail service that is my address so it never looks strange to them after the initial question like,

I’m sorry sir. Did you say Cambodia?

Anyways, my second blog post of the day is nearing its conclusion. The words are filtering down and I wonder about where to write some journal entry. No! I am not gonna go back to that again. Gonna just go forward with no looking back at how I coulda shoulda woulda done things with my diaries and journals. Delete, delete, delete. And I start again.

Bye for now dear readers. I think maybe there are two of you now. Nice! :-)

April 28, 2023