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How blogging and journaling define me

Neither one operates on its own. Each one takes a spectrum of my life, I follow it, write and find. Both offer different polarities but cross over many times. An idea in Day One finds itself in a blog post. Or a thing I ponder on in a blogpost turns around and I find myself writing it in a diary entry.

The blogging has always been more than mere status reports and I did this or that. It has always been a reflection of a life spent as I please. Lately it has been the wonder of my life’s partner here in Cambodia. The diary flips it around and lets me dissect what it all means so personally.

Never a limit or some meme or technique for either. The Day One is meant to give me one day. Today. But also shine back in the other todays. Those past moments where I committed to the wandering. The blog simply takes a thing as a starting point and walks me down a path of words.

Nothing sacrosanct or planned or scheduled. It is not how either flies. Life is not those things to me. It is not knowing how to divide days into elements. What it is is taking the random things that all contribute and finding homes for them. Be it a journal or blogpost.

I’ve found great joy, sadness, trepidation and wonder in all the word wandering. Now one gets shared to the fediverse and the other is fodder for the passing days. Both reflections on a life spent only being. Not planning, owning, whining. Or wishing. I only want what both things already give me when I go about my day.

Now it’s Monday. I’ll post this soon. And life will soon move to coffee and breakfast with my darling Alin. She who graces both blog and journal so often now. I don’t normally care about records or statuses or whining about schedules or plans. This one when I checked in Day One made me realize how both combine. No notes. No gardens. No links. Life is not those things to me. It is like the meditation instructor Jeff said.

It’s being

Hold that. Let it breathe. Then write some on it and share if you can. The blog is the place or the journal. Or both.

Like I did today.

February 27, 2023