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Hoi An not today

I guess for a few reasons. Kind of disappointing we would not go. I had prepaid $25 for the car round trip. Today our last day in Da Nang. Will be glad to go. Last night I walked a bit on the riverwalk. My favorite part of the city really. I did nothing different and even less than usual out seeing the city.

There are neighborhoods I love here. Trees and parks. Little coffee shops and cafes sitting the streets. I last wandered them maybe in 2018 or maybe in 2021. It has been that long since my last visit. Then I did a few days in Hoi An and a few more in Da Nang. That was a nicer trip all in all. The only place we truly had fun together was BaNa Hills. Seems strange but true.

Why? I don’t think I will ever know for sure. So I just let it go instead. Much like letting Hoi An go or the desire to have us both enjoy this city, it’s food, history. Somehow it all fell down and never got up again. Sad really.

Perhaps it’s because this is traveling and all I did before was not. I just went. No notions preconceived or otherwise. One day was much like any other to me. Not the way now. Each day is one less. Tomorrow back to Saigon and then Monday to Cambodia. Really cannot wait for Alin’s sake.

For me, I will think long on coming back here with others. Living to the hype and expectation seems dangerous. Da Nang failed. Hanoi would too. Sad and this reaches the end of this little diatribe.


April 22, 2023

Friday Da Nang