I happened to read this on this morning. I don’t think many people are concerned at all about their posts going in any direction because you post often. Of course, that’s just me. I bet though inquiry does not care either and Dino may not.

To me, is fun and informative. You can publish wherever you please but I think it’s not true that people care about the frequency of your posts pushing their posts down. Now if they went sideways. They would be something I’d talk to Matt about. Hahaha.

Seriously, it’s a writers platform. Whether you write a post a day or ten. I came back to write because I like it here. I like both the writing and reading a lot. So just saying you should rethink your idea that is some kind of organized thing and I don’t think people care if you post something and it pushes their post down. I cannot really imagine authors doing that on

Just my take though.

December 15, 2020