Hey TMO!

Thanks for reading. I was reading your post about your troubles with the keyboard. I wish I had an answer. I spent the day only with the iPhone having given away the iPad to a friend with kids here. I think that this is the right track for me. If I had to work or write documents or spreadsheets I doubt I would do this. There’s a certain goodness of fit thing with only my iPhone. I can still do editing of PDFs and send emails with attachments very easily just using the Apple mail app. The photography part for me is very nice. Since I edit photographs using iOS apps the workflow is simple.

I think most Vietnamese only use a phone. Only rarely do I see laptops or tablets. Our cellular network is pretty reliable and WiFi is all over.

Anyways I did notice inquiry is posting. We must welcome him back accordingly. Dude more please. 😎

March 26, 2021