Here’s where we go

It’s fun to not plan a trip, a walk, a meal here. Just to go. Often though in the mornings I have a thing in mind. Like I want a certain coffee shop that has a nice view on Truc Bach Lake. So I kinda sorta plan to go to Highlands Coffee. It’s a nice walk in the morning so I think today I’ll go for a coffee and one of their chicken banh mi sandwiches later. I can sit there and watch people for awhile. WiFi is okay there too.

Since it’s Friday here and already mid November, it’s a good time to tell you about my few upcoming trips. If you are not interested in my little trips too bad because I’m gonna tell you anyways.

  1. In a week or so I go to Phu Quoc Island. It’s all the way down south here in Vietnam. I like the food and sunsets there so I decided to go. There is no other reason.
  2. In about a month it’s my birthday and I will go to Can Tho to see L. I’m going to see her and walk around the city because it’s fun. There is also a coffee house I like to sit at. It’s nothing special. Mostly a young people’s hangout but I like sitting outside with an iced coffee. They also treat me nice.
  3. In about two months I go to Saigon. At first i was not gonna go back but I changed my mind. I have nothing to do there so I’m going to do nothing.

January 2021 comes and goes. February comes and I go. Will I come back? Perhaps. I have other places to do nothing in and I intend on achieving the no goal goal. First though I have some things to see and one daughter to give a hug to. That’s me in California in February for 4 days because it’s all I can take of the place. Since I bid Facebook adieu, I can’t tell people there that I’m coming back for a visit. No big deal. I just saw them all a year ago.

So I start today with coffee. Perhaps some photographs of the beautiful morning as I walk to the Highlands coffee later. Then there is a nice walk later in the day. Sun is shining. Skies are blue. It’s another beautiful day in Hanoi.

Have yourself a good one. Don’t achieve anything. Delete your todo lists. You will hate me or love me in the morning 😂.

November 12, 2020