Here we go…

Sometimes the mornings with pastries and coffee are enlightening here in Taipei. I can sit here at the coffee shop with pastries and just feel the blue skied morning telling me today is gonna be good. I’ll venture out later today for a new place and some wandering there. Taipei is a good city to get lost in. Very safe and clean and most of all fun.

I went last night to the night market which is not a tourist market. It’s all Taiwanese people shopping and eating. I prefer this to the tourist markets. I don’t need souvenirs or toys. I had a Banh Mi sandwich for dinner and bought fresh fruit. Also walked around looking at everything from socks to silverware. There is street food! Oh yeah. So much food there.

With a little over a week left in Taipei I start thinking of the longer stretch. Back to the US in January and then on. On to other places. The edges slips away. My home is Southeast Asia. My life is there now. But I must also go.

Sitting at coffee made me realize I must go. Steps and tracks and cold beers and people that either matter or not. But it’s the road in front and left and right. That crooked path that will lead me back to Vietnam. Back to my L again. It’s just a long path but I know it’s about the moments and what I must do. She knows too.

One of the joys in finally finding someone is how it all fits together. So here I go. Not the same as that Mike from past moments. Alone but not lonely it’s always been the solitude and only a few that matter. The others have eroded away or simply don’t matter. Perhaps I’ve realized going back to the US is just a place. Not the home or the country or the feelings.

November 5, 2019