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Heading home today

Been an interesting few days in Kampot. I enjoyed the going just not the lack of quality sleep. I think tonight being home in our apartment will be nice.

I fiddled with the idea of some kind of travel notes. Perhaps more like what Mikka does. It did not seem like a thing I could do daily or even divide my time here into days or things done.

We came here for a specific purpose but that work got done faster than we both thought. After Alin finished with that we took a few days of enjoyment. Last night we had our tuktuk driver stay for dinner. Had a seafood feast. Bbq squid big and small, fish, steamed and curried clam in the shell. Beer.

Now we head back on two minivans today. Takes about 9 hours of going with a few hours waiting in Phnom Penh.

What I learned

Writing here kinda took a hit. I started a few things. Never finished or I felt they reached a point I wished to publish. The words sometimes seemed lost in the going. No matter if I sat down with a coffee and time I never felt like the words out down were what I wished to put out there.

Try as I could good sleep never came my way. Today I’m exhausted. It seems like a week of sleeping badly. Waking up way too often and then the 5am medicine which basically meant no more sleep.

We did get out and do a nice day of seeing things. Ended in Kep which is nice if you want seafood. Went to other places not so often seen like a cave in a mountain somewhere between Kampot and Kep. I learned much but nothing translated to a desire to write on it.

So here I am rather sleep deprived and feeling it. I wanted to finally write something. So this is it.

May 21, 2023