Heading back to Hanoi

I’m at the Hue Airport. Gonna fly back to Hanoi in a few hours. I accomplished nothing except wanting to return to Hue again and stay at the Cherish Hue Hotel. I was one of only a few guests. Now I had back to Hanoi in an hour or so.

But first some coffee and nothing time. I’m only back in the big city for a few days and then I take off for a week and three cities and some people to see. That will end all the travels in Vietnam I’ve arranged so far but I already started thinking of a weekend trip to Phu Quoc Island in late November. The flights round trip are less than $50. The island is nice for eating and doing water activities like sitting by it and not doing anything besides arranging a drink 😀.

Got an hour at the airport to go. Iced coffee and free WiFi. Yes! All set.

Good times in Hue. Food, wonderful people, the palace and some nice walks. Now back to busy Hanoi. Soon though will reach ultra busy Saigon. My taxi driver thought Hanoi better but still too big. Hue is a good size for a city I think. Places to walk and take pictures, the Vietnamese people that are so kind and generous, wonderful history to partake off, and the food!

So long Hue. You been grand.

October 7, 2020