Happy Tet or Lunar New Year

In Vietnam, it’s Tet. Sometimes called lunar new year. It’s the most important holiday in Vietnam and people take a week or so off to reflect on their year, visit family, eat,and drink. Now it’s the morning of the lunar new year. Year of the Ox. So what does that mean for us? A year of challenges and accomplishments in this metal Ox year. Here are some words and thoughts on the year, what it means, who will do well and who may face challenge.

In Vietnam, it’s party time. Flowers, food, offerings, and a lot of family time. I don’t have a family here so I wanted to recount a conversation with my landlady’s mom the other day briefly.

Are you lonely this time of year? Do you miss family and your daughter? What will you do on Tet?

This was translated for me by my landlady since her mom speaks no English. But there are things which transcend the speaking. Smiles, wonderful warm and inquisitive eyes, and her concern for happiness this time of Tet.

I answered I had no loneliness. My family has gone their way and I miss my daughter only at times. Then I was invited to their house tomorrow for dinner. To celebrate Tet with their family and enjoy the food and times with a Vietnamese family doing their celebrations. I told them I would definitely come. They let me know food would be plentiful. And judging from her mom, so will smiles.

Google translate will get a workout!

Happy Tet!

February 11, 2021