Hanoi will close down

Today a Vietnamese friend let me know to prepare for the city to shutdown for a week or so. Many services will be affected. I went shopping for some basic food items at the Big C grocery store. It’s like the larger Safeway or Lucky stores. Got mostly food easy to cook and not needing a fridge. Also bought coffee since that’s one of the things affected. No coffee shops open for a week.

I believe I am okay now but I can still order food online using grab. I asked my Airbnb host to make available purified water to all of us and he will help with that and any other stuff we may need. I need to buy a case of beer I think. Gonna do that tonight or tomorrow.

What this means here is we are locked in here until mid April and there are no flights in or out. I would not want to leave anyways. Here I feel safer.

I’ll continue to blog and take pictures and do my solitary walks each day. I want to always remember this and what a great job Vietnam has done for everyone. Pictures and blogging work good for me. Tomorrow I will buy more viettel mobile credit just in case. I have a good data plan now which is month by month.

It’s an interesting time. Not scary and there is no panic here. It’s just everyone obeying what the government says. We do that because they are honest and open and transparent. Unlike one US president I know. I won’t go to my feelings about the US now. I will never forgive and forget what trump did though or did not do. The idea of opening the economy on Easter is ludicrous. You will spike the curve and more will sicken and die.

So now I go to walk soon. I’ve eaten and done the shopping. I feel good. Bring it on. It’s always day by day here. I am particularly thankful to my wondrous Vietnamese friends for ensuring I knew what was going on and how to prepare for it.

March 26, 2020