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Hanoi steps

I went to Hanoi over Tet this year. It was like a homecoming to this place that holds me. I always feel cared for, safe, and warm there.

I started thinking I want alin to meet my friends there. I want her to enjoy the Boss’ cooking, Paul’s warmth and affection, David’s friendship and My’s warm Vietnamese soul. I also want her to meet Van. I want alin and van to share moments together. Find themselves laughing and loving the same and different.

I want dinners out and coffees by the lake and slow walks in the old quarter. These wonderful Vietnamese and expats are the significant people in Hanoi for me. They want me back and would like me to just stay. Now that won’t happen. Alin came along and suddenly life became so much more than all the wandering was before.

I want her to see winding streets and small alleys and beautiful citadels.

I want her to just hold my hand and marvel at how fast Hanoi changes from this old city to a beautiful metropolis where people rush but don’t forget to live and love.

Scenes by Hoan Kiem lake. Feelings down that side street where the coffee lifts me. Where passion stirs.

That’s Hanoi to me. Also the land of sunsets at West Lake. To show her one will have her wanting more. It’s a soul and heart thing. Yeah.

Alin will love the sunsets as they take the skies to orange and red.

Then back home but like it always does Hanoi stays with me. This time I have another to show the little things. Hear her laugh unexpectedly at the street food. Watch her beautiful body move through Hanoi. An exotic in a land of dreams. That’s gonna be Hanoi to us. Again and again.

March 11, 2023