Hanoi, Halloween and the moments

One of the truly fun things living here are the day to day moments. I try to capture them and post often to my which then posts to my wonderful mastodon instance. The is a new thing but I feel it’s particularly suitable to capturing moments I happen to find here.

Over on Facebook a friend asked if Halloween is celebrated in Hanoi. It’s not an official holiday but it’s so widely adopted by kids and adults here it might as well be. Coffee shops, bars, restaurants all decorate. Walking around is seeing costume stores and kids of all ages loving the time. Many people here love the Halloween parties and themed events at the hotels and even parks.

For some reason it reminds me now of two years ago around Christmas time being in Kampot Cambodia and hearing Christmas music from temples. It seemed almost surreal but also just so right then. Last year I was in Malaysia for Christmas I think. If you have not been to Kuala Lumpur it’s easy to say it’s the land of malls. And the malls were so decorated. Christmas songs and even Santa awaited. You had to be good and patient though and then you could perhaps see Santa. I was not good and have never been patient and I figure I got all I could want just living this life.

So it always brings me back to the now of things. Here and now. Not tomorrow. The morning in the bakery and this beautiful, strange and funny city. 🎃 comes and children of all ages are excited.

Now go forth and do nothing.

October 27, 2020