Going from things to moments

I’ve thought this through a bit. I have so called friends who post often on FB about retiring early. They find wonderful articles about folks at 35 or 40. Stock market people. Entrepreneurs. Invested wisely. One commonality:


They must have things. Fishing in the Caribbean, yacht races, investment portfolios. Things. All things. We have an attachment to things. Want things. Desire things. Love things.

When I left some years ago I bid goodbye to most things. Car, furniture, debt. Clothing of most types. Then later I would downsize again a few times. Less clothing. No camera. No stuff. There’s no mandate or requirement except all must fit in a 40l travel bag. So fishing boats and cabins by the lake and nice shoes and coats and ties don’t work. Debt is a far larger thing. It covers all the things above but it also enslaved me for years. Almost 50k USD in debt. It felt like the weight of a small world bearing down. Then there was divorce.

In 2017 I would pay off the debt. In 2018 I would pay off the car and give it away. I got rid of all not to minimize because I never believed in it’s stanzas. But to be a realist. Simply put you cannot fit a fishing boat and a cabin in a 40l backpack. Nice clothes, pretty shoes, electronics and stuff. It all went away. I was left with two things:

  1. Moments
  2. Experiences

Only those. Not hampered by plans and wants and needs. Left alone by creditors and credit cards. Lost from cars and desires for more material things. I see things I want. But looking at the room I have I simply don’t do them. Two devices capture my life. One iPad Air 2019 version and one iPhone 11 Pro. Both for the moments and experiences.

If you read an article about some dude retiring at 35 look at his methods. Mine would not work for you. They are mine. But perhaps what the 35 year old stock tycoon did would not work either. I wanted less. But I got so much more in it.

Give it some thought. Look at your world. What do you surround yourself with? Things or moments.

July 31, 2020