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Getting tired of mastodon again

There’s something with the influx of people lately which has left me not wanting it. The multiplication of toots almost infinitely about politics, war, capitalism, and associated crap. I don’t mind reading coverage on mastodon about current events but when the timeline is filled with crap and boosts of crap and associated stories of crap, I guess I reach a point like I did with Facebook before and Twitter before that. Simply put. I get tired of the crap. It’s turned into an alternative RSS feed of disgust, unhappiness, distrust, hatred.

People have different beliefs. I believe climate change is real. I believe republicans and democrats and all politicians basically have fucked our country. Don’t limit it to the GOP. For two years Biden could have enacted social security changes. He had control. Now we see others trying to threaten it.

So I’m done with the fediverse for awhile. I’m tired of shitposting, politics. Tired of it all. Taking a break. If you want my lousy images they will be on the blog only.

I’ll go back later but I bet nothing changes there. Not going to delete the account but I am also not going to add to the noise.

So don’t look for me sharing the blog posts on the fediverse any longer. Like I say I am not gonna be adding yet more noise to the funky diatribe going on there now.

This blog is always the primary place for me to start, share, discuss. Now I just stop there.

Sorry mastodon. You had me for awhile. Now I’m gone. No one’s fault. I just speak with the little voice of a tiny blog.

February 28, 2023

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