Fun with the iPhone 11 toy

I’ve been having a lot of fun with the iPhone 11 doing the photography I like best which is a lot of small things really. Buildings, windows, bicycles. Maybe a bridge or two. I like bridges. I have also wanted to see how good night mode is on the iPhone because its been touted a few times as a game changer here and there. I really like what Apple did to up the game for a casual photographer like me. So tonight again, seemed like a good time to play. The iPhone 11 is a toy. It can take some nice photographs up close, wide angle, super wide angle and other things. Here is one.

What I really enjoy about the iPhone is its portability and how it just integrates well into whatever workflow I want. Edit the photos using the photos app? Sure. Edit with darkroom? Sure.

If you are just into memories and moments, to me the iPhone 11 and the pro make really good sense. I don’t want complex schemes or wondrous workflows. I want to take photographs, share photographs, and remember places. Places with memories and their moments.

Happily (for me), the iPhone does it all. If you want an app to go edit, I would definitely check out Darkroom. But for simpler and kinder and easier, just use the iOS 13 photo app. It will do nicely.

November 21, 2019