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Friday Thoughts - Coffee shops and dazzling Saigon

There’s a sense of fleeting moments now here in Saigon. If you are a time observer, I have about 24 hours left in the country. Then I fly to Phnom Penh but only for hours to spend in the airport on a layover and then a 5 hour flight to Taipei. This is the last part of 2019 and so far the year has gone much as expected besides a quick trip back here. Initially I had decided to spend time in Cambodia going to Kampot and Kep. Then I decided to move that plan along and fly back to Vietnam and visit Saigon and Can Tho for short periods of time. I guess it was worth it.

It’s always the moments before leaving a place I have been for awhile that is so deeply interesting. I realized years ago I was no traveler or backpacker or round the world or gap year or digital nomad. I was something else. I met these other people rather virtually that were vagabonds but they seem to have stopped the vagabonding for Florida times. I also feel like settling at times so I measure the cities I visit and look for the one that would satisfy. I have only found one place that is deeply satisfying and that is Da Nang Vietnam. It has this essence of life, people, things that always excite and incite me to more. I wonder if I would then create something longer in written form. Perhaps a story or book or novel is there and I would be able to make inroads on its creation being stable. But then I know that its not really required to create for me. A hotel room, a homestay, a beach bungalow. I can create something without permanence. There is nothing out there that will lead me to create. It’s something in here that beats and its location is not dependent on a city or place. It’s more about what I find inside worthy or maybe not of creating. I think perhaps in the end the art of creation is what thrills me the most. It’s how the words measure up next to each other and whether at the end of the day I feel that I did something that I value. Maybe others would or not. It’s really secondary to the act and art of creation.

then my coffee comes

Now I am whole again in Saigon. I sit at the coffee house yet again with a large iced coffee with milk. I know that tomorrow is a measure of time like days and hours. My coffee beckons a short distance away to me to measure it. I know that I cannot stay here no matter having L or not. It’s not the place. I have no place. I am a creature of temporary WiFi passwords, SIM cards that go away after a month of use, and a gradually opening view of wandering new places that I have not been or riding trains that will whisk me away with whistles and smoke and watching California yield to Arizona. That is far from here though. Far from the moments I have found now. And its okay. My coffee has come.

I’ll take my time. Measure my rhymes. Take deliberate yet random sips of the deliciousness of the coffee in Vietnam. I’ll miss all of Vietnam. But its moments are eroding away. Eroding like the ice cubes in the coffee.

Now I have the coffee and its moments in a nameless coffee house parked on its WiFi. Say hello to the moments. I’m catching the wandering ways tomorrow. And its good. I will have more coffee to arrive and places to wonder at.

Stay tuned.

October 17, 2019